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Pillar One-Teacher's Guide (Sneak Peek with a lesson or two)

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Learning Outcome

  • Children demonstrate a strong sense of identity, expressing their unique personalities, interests, and values.

  • Children consistently exhibit feelings of safety, security, and support in their environment, allowing them to explore and learn without fear.

  • Children show signs of developing autonomy, making age-appropriate decisions and taking responsibility for their actions.

  • Children demonstrate interdependence, recognizing the value of collaboration and teamwork with peers and caregivers.

  • Children display resilience, facing challenges with determination and bouncing back from setbacks.

  • Children express a sense of agency, actively participating in activities and expressing their preferences and opinions.

  • Children develop strong interpersonal skills, interacting with others with care, empathy, and respect.

Module 1: Respecting Ourselves

  • Prek/Kdg Focus: What Makes Me Special

  • 1st-3rd Focus: My Identity

  • 4th-6th Focus: Self -Expression

Module 2: Positive Relationships

  • Pre-k/Kdg Focus: Family & Friends

  • 1st-3rd Focus: School & Community

  • 4th-6th Focus: Be a Role Model

Module 3: Working Together

  • Prek/Kdg Focus: Cooperation

  • 1st-3rd Focus: Compromise

  • 4th-6th Focus: Collaboration

PreK and Kindergarten Band

Centers, Independent or Partner Activity:
  • Random acts of kindness sort.

Using pictures (with people) have student’s sort the action, is it a kind act or not. These do not need to be defined but the story behind it by the children is what is important.

  • All About Me Drawing Center:

Set up a drawing center with various art supplies like crayons, markers, and colored pencils. Provide blank paper and encourage children to draw pictures of themselves, their families, or their favorite things. Display their artwork around the classroom.

Word Wall
  • Student Names

Small Group:
  • Matching Pairs

Prepare a memory game using pairs of cards. On one card, write a characteristic or interest, and on the matching card, write the name of a child who possesses that characteristic or interest. Children can take turns flipping over the cards, trying to make matches and learning about each other's unique qualities.

  • My favorite things, food, toys, etc.

Draw pictures or cut up magazines, catalogs (old school) or pictures printed.

AND suggested reading, home connections, play and activity centers, art projects, oh my goodness, it is all in ONE PLACE! Plus suggestions on integrating it into the classroom and across the curriculum.

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